Good evening, 
I went to church today and it was gratifing to see everyone so happy and I felt such as 
a sense of community that I can't find elsewhere. When I am at church I am in such a good space, like when 
meditate. I feel it is important to go to a church where you are guided to go because then you know that it was meant to be. 
At this particular church, there is a part of the service where Reiki is offered. I remember about 5 years ago, sitting in this very 
church and saying to myself "I really want to learn this healing modality". After much research and soul searching, spirit guided me 
to re-learn Reiki (I have done Reiki in many life times). I have been changed from that decision ever since. I thank God
and the Angels for this gift of healing. I am honored to be his child. Happy palm Sunday.