3.26.2010 -TGIF

Good afternoon all,
Today is a nice day. It looks like it's clearing up. I am going to be at an event tonight
at the Barn in Andover doing Reiki and Angel Card Readings for a very good cause. 
It's Spa Night Benefit for Sussex Co. Free Mammo Program. 6:00pm-10pm at Hillside Park, Andover.  
All proceeds benefit free digital mammography program. There is a tappas bar, sangria, wine, and 
bottled water. Receive massages, facials, readings, reiki, handwriting analysis and much more for only
$60.00.Log onto . Hope to see you there. Stop by and say hello.  


Hello all,
What a day today! The universe is so rich with gifts coming left and right for us.
 You just have to pray for them. Gifts are as simple as you asking for help with
something and all of a sudden your friend or someone you do not know is reaching 
out to you to give you help. Or you need money and you go home to the mailbox and
there is your money you needed in the mail. You have to be open and ready to receive
for this to work. You have to really believe that you have all you need/want already.
God will give you what is needed when you need it. I am so in the flow that I am overflowing
with Love.  Thanks to God and the Angels!!!


Good morning to all,

They say any day above ground is a good day but then again, our life never ends so any day is a good day above or below ground because our energy continues and life is lived over and over. We are here in this lifetime and all lifttimes to learn lessons and become closer to God. I have been doing reiki on my cats alot lately. They run to me when I get home and I know they wait for it. They love the feeling of reiki and when they are done with the reiki, they just get up and walk away knowing that they got what they needed for now. Cats are so in tune with the reiki energy. Have a good day and enjoy this weather !


  Hello everyone, 
I had a good day today. I started the day as usual with my angel card 
readings for myself. I like to do the readings in the morning when I am fresh
and new with ideas. The angel card readings are always right on for me. I like to 
see what is in store for me during the day so I turn to the cards as a gauge. It
is amazing how protected we are by Angels. They are always there to guide you
through whatever it is you need to know. It is funny, my two cats, Michael and Raphael
are watching me as I type this blog. They have angel names but are far from Angels. 0:)
They are brothers and love to get into trouble together. 
Well kiddies, off to do some reading. Talk to you soon. 

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