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Good afternoon,
All I have to say today is let spirit guide you to where you need to be to allow you to evolve into a more conscious being. Let new opportunities excite you. Welcome them. Give thanks to everything you have and do not have.


Hello everyone,
Today is a good day to stay home and read a book. I love to read. Reading provides
so much information for us regarding the future. I seem to be on this path in which
books just appear to me when I am at the book store. I simply ask spirit to guide me to a section 
of the store (which is usually the metaphysical section). My guides help me and always keep me on track with what I
need to learn. Be sure to always use your intuition to guide you the next time you go to the book store.  You will be
amazed at the results.   


Good morning,
What beautiful weather we have had. A bit hot, but it is welcomed by me.
 I am glad it is finally here. It was a long winter. I love to drive and just look
at the trees and flowers blooming. It reminds me that we are all blooming
where we are at all times. Be concious of this great wonder. Ask and it shall be given.


Good morning,
I had a wonderful weekend and an uplifting Easter. Easter Sunday at church and the whole
day opened my eyes to all the unbelievable and magical events that have taken place in my life
so far.  I am grateful and appreciative for all of them. The lessons along the way are 
very important for my growth. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Have a great day 
and enjoy this weather. 


Good evening all,
What a day! what a weekend! The weather has been so nice. I was outside for most of the day and loved it! 
Today was such a peaceful day. I began the day by reading a book which turned into a
wonderful night with friends. Life is good and life is giving. Happy Easter to all who celebrate!


Good morning,
I just want to wish everyone an enjoyable passover. I am glad the weather is
nicer today and that it will continue to be nice. I love the sun. The sun invigorates
our whole being. We need the warmth of the sun to survive.
As the day goes on just be mindful of all the gifts that are 
given to you by the universe. Be sure to repay the gifts that were given back
in some manner. Like giving someone something that you no longer need or want. That act of 
giving will allow the receiving. Pray for peace and happiness. All is well.  


Good afternoon,
Today is a good day. Although the rain has not let up, today is a good
day to reflect about what we have accomplished so far. I believe we are able 
to manifest anything. Always stay positive and remember that 
if you think negative, you will get negative. If you think positive, that is what you
will get. Thought patterns are very important in my life. I always use affirmations
throughout the day to stay on top of things. I ask the Angels for help all the time.
They are always there to help. Today is a good day to curl up with a good book. I  plan
to do so once I get home. Have a great day!    


 Good evening, 
I went to church today and it was gratifing to see everyone so happy and I felt such as 
a sense of community that I can't find elsewhere. When I am at church I am in such a good space, like when 
meditate. I feel it is important to go to a church where you are guided to go because then you know that it was meant to be. 
At this particular church, there is a part of the service where Reiki is offered. I remember about 5 years ago, sitting in this very 
church and saying to myself "I really want to learn this healing modality". After much research and soul searching, spirit guided me 
to re-learn Reiki (I have done Reiki in many life times). I have been changed from that decision ever since. I thank God
and the Angels for this gift of healing. I am honored to be his child. Happy palm Sunday. 


  Hi everyone, 
Last night was a wonderful night. I was at "the Barn" in Andover doing Angel card readings and Reiki for free to raise money for women who cannot afford mammographys. I enjoy connecting with people through my angel card readings. I find that people tend to enjoy themselves more once they realize the information that comes through for them is always meant to help them in their current situations and in the future. Angels do not give “negative” information. They just nudge us, if we allow them to so that we can be at our best. I usually get information about that past which I convey to the person so that they can take that information with them to transform their lives if they wish to.

3.26.2010 -TGIF

Good afternoon all,
Today is a nice day. It looks like it's clearing up. I am going to be at an event tonight
at the Barn in Andover doing Reiki and Angel Card Readings for a very good cause. 
It's Spa Night Benefit for Sussex Co. Free Mammo Program. 6:00pm-10pm at Hillside Park, Andover.  
All proceeds benefit free digital mammography program. There is a tappas bar, sangria, wine, and 
bottled water. Receive massages, facials, readings, reiki, handwriting analysis and much more for only
$60.00.Log onto . Hope to see you there. Stop by and say hello.  

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